Sunday, February 19, 2012

Red Dwarfs and Immortality

The new issue of Scientific American has a fascinating article on the far future of the universe...or, at least, our universe, perhaps only one among many.

In any case, it got me to wondering. The article dealt with events almost fantastically distant in the future -- billions, even trillions of years away. But if stars (at least cozy little red dwarfs) can have such lifespans, could sentient beings? Transhumanists and posthumanists would suggest that this is possible, even probable.

Which brings up another question. Will any of us living today know immortality in some form? Even if that immortality involves only the survival of our intellects rather than our biological bodies?

If that should be the case, is it not possible that some of us living today will see the unimaginably distant future discussed in Scientific American? Will, in fact, watch the stars wink out, one by one?

When 14 Billion Years Just Isn't Enough Time

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