Thursday, September 15, 2011

and from A Singular Encounter

And this is from "A Singular Encounter"

She saw it all. It unfolded before her like a vision. Machines would become smaller, and smaller, and yet ever more powerful. They'd link together. Communicate. Become one intelligence.

And humans would be part of that intelligence! Organic brains would link to artificial ones. The distinction between one and the other vanishing. She saw humans becoming more than human.

"My… my God," she said.

And, of course, it explained the Catastrophe, too. When the day came when such technology was available, people would face a choice. Did they wish to become superhuman or didn't they?

And, strangely, many would choose not to. Why? A hundred reasons. Religion, philosophy, ideology.

As a result, the world would divide between those who changed and those who didn't. And while that division was underway…

"Chaos…" she said, at last. Society would dissolve.

"The Catastrophe," he agreed, softly. "Or what came to be called such."

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