Saturday, September 17, 2011

from the inside flap of Tower

From the inside flap of  Tower
There are wonders beyond the Singularity...

      "These nanotechnical devices... the nanotechnical devices... will enter your body and brain. It will link you to us. To the network. To artificial and natural intelligences. You will have powers beyond anything you can imagine."
     "Powers?" Now she was interested.
     "Unbelievable things. Super intelligence, and everything that comes with it. You'll be able to reshape yourself. Have multiple bodies. Be in many places at once. Travel to the stars and stay home at the same time. It's unimaginable."
                    Deal Breaker

But there are also terrors...

     Odd. There was a faint sound coming from the monitor of her computer. It was almost like a scratching. As if a cat or something were inside and wanted to be let out.
     She bent down to examine it more closely. She had shut down the computer and the screen was black. Yet, as she watched, it grew white...a pearly, confused white, like the static of a TV between channels. What?
     Then ...there was something taking shape in the static! She leaned closer and closer, until her nose was almost pressed to the glass. What could it be?
     Tentacles. Fangs. Claws...
                     The Hate Buyer

Once more, Victor Storiguard gives us a glance at the Transhuman both its promise, and its perils.

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