Tuesday, September 20, 2011

from Jellies

from Jellies...

A thousand years ago, humanity had split between the humans and the Others, the transhumans ...

The transhumans changed very, very quickly, the Ranger explained…. adding to themselves, expanding their intelligence, gaining additional abilities. In a single lifetime, they evolved more rapidly, and more completely, than humanity had done in the last million years. "In time, we might not even see them anymore."

"Why not?"

"Consider the insect." How does a bug see us? Probably, as a big rumbling something or other. Something warm and fleshy. No different from any other large mammal in its environment. A mosquito or a tick might recognize us as a potential source of blood. But would they recognize us as an entity? A being like themselves? Surely not.

And, so, if there were creatures as far beyond us as we are beyond ticks and mosquitoes…

"We might not realize they were here," Valter said.

And, the older man continued, "Think about the things we build or grow. How does a fly or an ant perceive our houses and buildings? Probably just as big hard objects, no different from mountains and cliff walls. Or how does a locust see a cornfield? Just as a source of plant matter. Something to be eaten like any tree or leaf."

"The idea that someone, somewhere, might object…"

"Would never occur to it,"

"Right. And what do we do when we find locusts in our fields?"

Valter felt terror clawing at his soul. "We poison them."

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