Sunday, October 16, 2011

competing editions of Marx

Read a posting on whether it might soon be possible to resurrect the dead by "Quantum Archaeology" (see the link below). The idea is that we could use various techniques to figure out what a certain person was like in the past and then use new technologies to rebuild that individual.

Which made me wonder...

Could there be competing attempts to recreate the past? Suppose two groups each want to bring back a specific person...Marx, for example, whose legacy is fought over by many different organizations. Now, if both groups succeed in producing a Marx, which is the "real" Marx?

Further, would these groups not be tempted to "improve" the Marx so that he would more closely reflect the viewpoint of the organization? So there would be a Trotsky-Marx, as Stalinist Marx, a Mao-Marx, and so on?

Just thinking out loud.

on Quantum Archaeology:

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