Monday, October 10, 2011

from Jellies...

From Jellies...

It took shape. He could see it now. A floating thing. Floating in the air. Weightless. A great bell-shaped body. Long tentacles. Longer than he was tall.

It moved toward him.

He found his courage again and spoke to it. "Bonnocja." Then he added in English, "Good evening."

It stopped.

He continued, desperately wishing that he had his dictionaries with him. "You …under…stand English. I speak it. A little-little."

The thing remained silent and motionless

"I have hoping," he continued, racking his brains for the right words, "that you are …conscious…or that you take message to something who is."
He looked at it. Did it have eyes? How was it sensing him? He continued speaking to it. "You are machine," he said. He remembered Nathun's term. A synthetic organism, modeled after a living being.

Why did its builders select the jellyfish as a template? He would never know...


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